The fast lane to seal rings - delivery within 48 hours

EagleBurgmann Espey has established a fast lane to supply the market with urgent quickly available seal rings within 48 hours.

Short delivery times for spare parts are necessary to keep downtimes of machines, entire production lines or machines during construction as low as possible and avoid breakdown costs. In the area of carbon floating ring seals, the perpetrators for spare part needs are mainly seal rings.

Espey has extended their seal ring production with a fast lane to serve the market need of seal rings with short delivery times.

The seal rings of the segmented types WD200 and WKA for shaft diameters of 30-250 and materials E10K, E32K and E49 are prefabricated in stock with standard seal diameters. On requests for urgent spare parts these rings are finished according to the dimensions needed by the customer and then dispatched. The type WD500 and the material E10C will follow shortly.

Standard seal rings ordered on a work day until 10.00 a.m. will be shipped the following working day.

Please order urgent seal rings via mail  or fax 02841-99827-6655 under consideration of a surcharge of 15 % with reference to the value of goods.

On request we will gladly add also special seal rings into our fast lane cycle. Please contact us.