Case 06: Operation issues - Dry running of wet pump seals in media with low vapor margin

Typical machines, applications and industries affected

Pumps (i.e. in liquefied gas fractionation, pump stations of NGL pipelines), light hydrocarbons / NGL (ethane, propane, ethylene…) and CO2


  • Short operating life
  • Pump media: NGL or CO2
  • Transient operating conditions, vent pressure fluctuations
  • High leakage
  • Dry running of mechanical seals


  • Dry running or multiphase operation of conventional mechanical seals in high energy/ low vapor margin pumps
  • Flashing liquid in pump seals can lead to dry running of liquidlubricated mechanical seals and consequently to a short seal lifetime
  • This applies especially to pumps with low vapor margin (i.e. ethane pumps) where mostly the liquid tends to transition to the gaseous state
  • Out of curve operation

EagleBurgmann solution

DF-DGS6/PDGS6 – DiamondFace coated pump seal for low vapor margin applications

Results & benefits

Increased reliability:

  • Increased lifetime of dry gas seals
  • No more unplanned seal related pump shut-downs
Reduced costs:

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced leakage rate

Further information:


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